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A/C Pro Professional Formula Refrigerant Recharge & Retrofit Kit (30oz. Total Fill)(2 - 15oz. Cans)

KWD 24.950


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From the A/C Pro® professionals who specialize in do-it-yourself A/C recharge kits for cars and trucks, A/C PRO® Professional Grade Auto Air Conditiong Recharge & Retrofit Kit is a professional grade all-in-one kit for automtive A/C recharge. Easily bring back the cold air delivered from existing R-134a A/C systems or the retrofit kit converts older R-12 A/C systems to R-134a.

  • Kit Includes two 15 oz. cans of R-134a refrigerant, reusable charging dispenser, and a retrofit adaptor package
  • Replaces lost refrigerant and oil to automotive A/C systems wich cools vehicle's interior providing maximum cold air
  • Seals A/C system leaks, protects & extends A/C compressor life by helping to eliminate moisture and acid buildup
  • Reusable charging dispenser features an easy-to-read gauge with dial-in temperature, extra-long heavy duty hose, easy-squeeze trigger and 90 degreee "Quick-Connect"
  • Retrofit Valve Adapters convert older R-12 low and high pressure A/C ports to R-134a